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Welcome. I’m Lara and this is The Grazing Elk, designers based in Melbourne. We create

Deliberate design to connect you with your people.

We work with makers, creators and pioneers to design online experiences, branding & identity and graphic art for your work.

All our work is carried out in close conversation with you, it’s tailored to you, not off-the-shelf. This is the way we make sure all your work truly represents what you to, to your own audience.

We love working with creative people who want to express themselves through their website, branding and graphic art.

Open up your ideas of what a website can do

Your website is the one friend who talks about you all the time.

All day of every day, your website talks you up. It talks to search engines, it talks to spammers, but most importantly, it talks to your perfect customers.

Your website has the potential to be so much more than 8 static pages and a contact form.

Oh, the poetry we could write together with the sorts of interactions and joy your website can bring! Your website can bring a smile to the faces of everyone, even Google’s little robots.

Who is your business? Who are you? Let’s create a visual language for that, plan your future through design.

Through exploring many angles of what you do and why, and who you do it for, we create a story and a framework for how to express yourself in a cohesive way, from visual design to tone of communication, colours, and even which social networks you want to use, and how.

Creating a guide for how you want to express yourself, and resources to have on hand to always know shortcuts to your colours, visual style and ways of expression can help quickly keep you on track in your daily work.

It’s a journey, and an exciting one, resulting in printed and digital designs, tools and guides to carry you through the next year and onwards.

Graphic Art & Design

Perhaps you need a poster for your yard sale (you’d be surprised how tricky those things are to get right), or help with graphic elements, infographics or photos touched up or edited.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your brand known by selling merchandise such as t-shirts, we can design something beautiful and amazing for printing, something that’s more than just a logo and a tagline.

As we have links to artists as well as being artistic ourselves, we can create in many styles and connect you with the best people to fulfill your creative vision.

We work with you, to create designs which embody the spirit of your work.

You can talk to your perfect customers in a cohesive way, and be the lighthouse that they’re looking for.

I would love to know more about your ideas and projects. Contact me here and we can catch up for coffee (in Melbourne), or talk over email or Skype.

For a project quote, tell me as much detail as you know about your idea and I’ll send you a project quote.

Lara Stephenson, Founder & Design Emissary of The Grazing Elk

call: 0430 444 816
email:  or write to us in the contact form below.

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