Graphic, Web Design & Digital Storytelling, for those working for social impact in the community.

Social Enterprises

Just launching?

Create your brand identity

Get help with grant writing & strategic planning

Exist online with a website

Expanding or rebranding?

Design review and feedback 

Refine your brand identity: logo, website & print

Use digital storytelling (video, games, interactive media & augmented reality (AR))

Create new promo materials, newsletters, personalised marketing

Our team are United Nations Australia Association awardees, founders of national social enterprises, and innovators across community sectors from domestic violence to LGBTIQ to women in tech startups.

With experience pioneering ground-breaking social change projects nationally, we aren’t just designers, we’re doers too.

Our Story

As two women co-founders, we started the Social Good Outpost as a branch of creative design company, The Grazing Elk, with a specific mission to help social enterprises, startups, non-profits and women-led projects succeed.

But why combine design and social impact? In 2013, our co-founder Elise was part of an innovative group of youth starting up Australia’s first youth-run youth-focused conference on social enterprise – businesses that make profit and do good for the community. Before we had anything but a head full of ideas, we designed a logo and online store as our first action. Within the week we got our first sponsor, and from that point, IMPACT Social Enterprise has run every year since 2014, working with thousands of youth across the country. To make social impact, we started with design. 

Having the design and online presence gives organisations credibility, trustworthiness, and shows funders, sponsors and customers that you are here and have something to offer. Design is crucial to business; without it, you have no identity, no brand, no way of being remembered or contacted. Design is one of the foremost things that enterprises and organisations must address, over and over again.

We’ve been in the design industry for 10+ years and the social enterprise/social sector for the last 7, so we feel well and truly excited knowing that we are equipped to be the premiere designers working with your organisation. Either through working with those on the front line or supporting those who believe in the work we do, we look forward to designing for organisations all over Australia and the world. 

Services for Social Good

We are designers and fellow entrepreneurs, and how we help you is through making your enterprise look and feel like your vision, and speak to your people, through good design and thoughtful choices.

We also help you with our knowledge of where a young start-up might go for support, resources, funding, incubators or accelerators and can help you make a strong application to those.

We work with you in practical, helpful ways, with dedication and a calm, step-by-step approach.

To start you up:

The “We Exist” Package

When what you need is just enough to say to the world “we exist!” – to take your idea from a vision to something tangible.

Having a website, a logo, and business cards, social media branding image suite, means that you can show funding bodies, supporters and your customers or audience your idea.

It helps people to see what you are doing, understand it, believe in it and support you. It is a perfect package for organisations and non-profits as well as for new enterprises, and is priced on a sliding scale to allow for flexibility in what you need.

This package includes:

  • logo design
  • responsive website design
  • business card design
  • social media identity images
  • simple style guide for your new branding

To accelerate your progress:

Go above and beyond with design to promote, support and connect your organisation.

Design that’s uniquely made for you & your organisation which supports your growth and keeps your image consistent and professional.

Digital and Print – Websites, Social Media, Branding

Your online and offline presence. These are the places that support your organisation all the time, show who you are, and communicate with your customers. Some examples:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Business Card Design, including for specialty print such as letterpress, foil, UV gloss & more
  • Promotional Materials including flyers, brochures, posters, stickers, banners, and other printed goods
  • Social Media Materials including profile pictures, banners, posts, advertisements and automation
  • Website Maintenance and Redesign

Interactive Narratives

Digital Storytelling is used to connect with your audience in a new and unique way. Tell your message through cutting-edge, spectacular design that goes beyond a simple video, photo and static website. This might involve using interactive technologies including websites, games, and embodied (in-person), or AR interaction…

Come to us with a dream, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life.


What’s the next step for you? With our experience helping social enterprises succeed, we can connect you to relevant opportunities or provide a professional design review. We do free half-hour consultations to get you started!

Lara and Elise created magic with my logo when I was just launching Ethnic LGBT+. They built something which spoke to the communities I work with and demonstrate the impact of my organisation. Their design work has consistently enabled me to be seen and get noticed, and feel really good about the work I am doing!

Mikhara R, Founder, Ethnic LGBT+

Need on-going work?

Your own personal designer.

Someone who already knows you, your organisation and your needs.

Someone you can ask for work as you need it, ongoing.

That’s us, Social Good Outpost, here for you, now available on retainer.

Website Maintenance, Care and Support

There are many reasons to have a friendly, knowledgeable team on hand for your site.

We look after your site on a monthly basis so you know it’s always presenting you in the most professional way, and that it’s safer from attack.

Elise Stephenson

Elise Stephenson

Social Entrepreneur

Elise is a creator, characterised by her love of hands-on projects and atypical projects. She has a passion for empowering women and driving change through social enterprise and has been at the forefront of many ‘first of their kind’ initiatives across Australia – from gender-based violence prevention work, to social enterprise and youth collaborations. With degrees in the fields of Asian & International Studies, Communications, and Government and International Relations, Elise is currently undertaking her PhD on the subject of women’s leadership.

Using this theoretical background in empowerment, and her experience working across community organisations, Elise provides consultation, liaison, and design for our projects working for social impact.

Elise’s work has led her to multiple awards, including most recently being awarded a United Nations Australia Association Community Award in December 2016. Using this as a basis, she continues to bring her strength in communication and leadership, practical foresight, and ability to be empathetic and connect with others to help bring meaningful design to projects that are making the most social impact across Australia.

Lara Stephenson

Lara Stephenson

Creative Director & Designer

Lara is a storyteller and designer, feminist and entrepreneur. She was one of three finalists for LGBT Role Model of the Year 2017 in the Established Professional category given by Out for Australia, for her daily ‘unsung hero’ role modelling in the professional & LGBT spheres. As a person, she is patient, kind and funny, and is interested in leading edge compassionate connection between people, animals, our environment and everything. She creates physical crafts as well as her digital work, and is also a writer.

Her studies have included Television, Film, IT, Creative Writing, Photography, Drawing, Sound, Business Management and Communication Design. Since setting out on the entrepreneur’s journey she has also studied advertising, marketing, coding, and automation.

Lara’s future aspirations include creating interconnected tangible interactive media: or fun things that talk to each other and respond to you, for homes and cities.

The Grazing Elk, operating under the project name Social Good Outpost, serves social enterprises, and organisations (including non-profits or businesses) who are working in the community/’social good’ sphere. The Grazing Elk was founded in 2013, by Lara, as a design studio providing ‘thoughtful design to creative people’.

We make sure that our designs are:

Accessible – Responsive – People Centered

Optimised – Leading Edge – Playful

& Inspirational.

… and we don’t call anyone a ‘user’.

Superpower your Social Good project here!

Social Enterprise Insider Division
Elise Stephenson
+61 409 21 01 31

Design & Creative Division
Lara Stephenson
+61 430 444 816

HQ is in Melbourne, however we are also based in Brisbane, and regularly go ‘on the road’ for consultations around Australia. If in-person doesn’t suit, we can easily meet and work with you over Skype.

Where in the world are we right now?

Brumby Week, Central Australia





Lara (second from right) at #Shehacks 2017

FYA Unleashed Awards Night

Lara was extremely flexible and understanding in meeting our needs – and helping us identify how we might best promote ourselves. Working for a Committee was challenging but Lara’s patience, preparedness to offer options, hear opinions, come up with creative responses and do it all in good cheer was great! We are very pleased with the outcome.

Br. Harry Prout, Exodus Community

Case Studies of Our Projects

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Case Study: Macleod Accommodation Support Service

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