Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk

VPN – Violence Prevention Network, 2017

VPN works at the intersection of diversity in communities and violence prevention, training communities in violence awareness and prevention across a diverse spectrum of community members. Based in the Northern Rivers, NSW, they run out of the Northern Rivers Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service. We designed two versions of a logo for them: a formal or full logo with their slogan, and a simplified mark (the ‘vpn’ in the concentric circles). We chose colours and combinations that would help represent different groups of people including indigenous communities, women, male/female/non-binary people, and people of diverse sexualities. We also hope that the colours all taken together can represent all members of the community, and our wholeness and connectedness together. Our other main design for VPN so far has been their workshop handout (content of the workshop not pictured here) for violence prevention workshops.

Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk

Somatic Touch, 2017

Somatic Touch works in association with Ageless Grace and Ageucate, providing care and enjoyment of life activities for ageing people and those with degenerative illnesses such as alzheimer’s, as well as education for their family and supporters on how to best look after and communicate and feel empathy for the ageing relative. We created a logo that could expand into a diagram illustrating the core concepts of Somatic Touch.

Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk

Women in Social Enterprise, 2017

WISE is a social enterprise in the Lismore area, NSW, transitioning from a non-profit organisation to a self-funding organisation to reflect the changing funding environment. We created our “We Exist” package of design to help them launch a logo, business cards and a website – all the items needed to show people they exist in the world and propel them forwards to their new future.

Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk
Macleod Accommodation Support Service, 2017

Macleod Accommodation Support Service is a refuge for women and children on the Gold Coast, QLD. We helped them develop a website, business cards and letterhead, to go with their recently-designed logo. We also set up donation capabilities so that they can continue to do this important work in their community.

Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk

DV Work Aware, 2017

DV Work Aware is an initiative of the QLD Working Women’s Centre, along with the South Australia and Northern Territory Working Women’s Centres. We have worked with these three centres to create nationwide and state-specific branding, promotional materials and online resources as well as the website, to help educate and support employees and employers who are affected by domestic violence and being in the workplace.

This project has been one of our most comprehensive, and our first one done as the Social Good Outpost. It was nominated for the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards in 2017.

Andrew Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk
Andrew Moore, 2016

This website for Andrew Moore was created to intelligently showcase Andrew’s writing. A sort of personal, professional website for his work. It’s new and small but holds potential to grow with future writing projects and hold articles in a quiet space for reading.

Kate Moore website designed by The Grazing Elk
Lift Coaching, 2016

Kate Moore of Lift Coaching wanted a website which spoke to a wider audience than the first website we worked on together. Expanding from Life Coaching into Business and Team Effectiveness Coaching, we redesigned the website from scratch, created a new brand identity, logo, colours, and feel for the website. Using a completely new layout with horizontal bands and soft colours, we created a contemporary and welcoming space for business-people and people looking for personal coaching.

H & Associates designed by The Grazing Elk
H & Associates, 2016

A minimalist website for H & Associates, together with specialty printed business cards (with a raised bright green gloss on the logo), and branding consulting. Responsive design, and in consultation for SEO setup and strategy.

Opt in Page for Executive Support Consultants designed by The Grazing Elk
Executive Support Consultants Opt in page #1, 2015

This opt in page was created with the guidance of a marketing expert, and designed and implemented by us.

Opt in form for Andrew Moore designed by The Grazing Elk
Executive Support Consultants Opt in page #2, 2015

Another opt in page, designed in conjunction with a marketing expert.

Exodus Community website designed by The Grazing Elk
Exodus Community, 2015

Exodus Community in Heidelberg West needed a new website which could speak to all of the groups of people who they help and who help them. Working with the team I created this website which succinctly speaks to each group and is easy to access from any device. Featuring a parallax style homepage and clear information, this site supports the work Exodus Community does by being informative, open and welcoming.

Housespec website designed by The Grazing Elk
Housespec, 2015

Housespec are Melbourne architects who commissioned a new website to better reflect the work they were doing in their local area and update their branding. Featuring galleries of work and a friendly approach to clients, Housespec introduces who they are to anyone looking to build or renovate their home in Melbourne.

Elite Tax Solutions' website designed by The Grazing Elk
Elite Tax Solutions, 2014

Elite Tax Solutions wanted a website in a really fast timeframe, and were also really prepared. It was great to have that combination and to be able to create a site that was friendly, welcoming and functional for visitors wanting a service. It’s not boring either – the colours, the friendly text and videos, and the useable guides and layouts we created help it to be enjoyable to get the information and services someone is after when doing their taxes.

website for Annoying Brother designed by The Grazing Elk
Annoying Brother, 2014

This website for Annoying Brother was commissioned after I came in every day and got to know the owner. It was my first local Melbourne project. The purpose is simply to show menu and opening hours and Ben’s coffee making classes – but oh my goodness it’s so much better than just using facebook for your business.

Clare Poppi's website designed by The Grazing Elk
Clare Poppi, 2013

Clare Poppi is a jeweller working with recycled silver, in Brisbane. She wanted a website to show her jewellery and link to her other online places – shop, blog and social media – and as a place for her professional information to be displayed. It was rewarding working with such beautiful product images and letting them speak for themselves.