Balance and Alchemy

Hello! Welcome to a new column I’m writing for this website, on creative business. It’s partially a journal of my own progresses and also created with creative people in business in mind, and I’m aiming to write about things which help me and I hope you too, on your creative journey.

It’s been some time since I last wrote in this blog, going so far as to remove reference to it in the menu, while I worked out what to do with it, and if it was something I wanted to create. The thing is, I love reading blogs in certain sites, ones which I come back to daily, and not because the articles are full of ‘useful information’. My favourite blogs have a sense of community and a different way of looking at things, one of them takes videogames really seriously, and others give a softer perspective to real and difficult events. There’s a communication between the writers and the readers, which is sensed in the writing, and continued in the comments. A mutual support.

This feels like one of the nicest ways to engage with people as a creative business online. Through a real, personal connection, listening and responding, and creating things that a) you naturally want to create, and which b) your people are naturally drawn to. It’s what brings me back to blogging rather than Instagram or Facebook, or other platforms where it’s a quick yell into the internet and a flurry of taps from people of varying interest levels. For sure, Instagram right now looks like one of the best ways to really visually connect and build a real aesthetic, and also as a great place to get people clicking through to your shop. This is definitely how I’ve made impulse purchases of things, through the initial Instagram connection.

But it’s through blogs that I’ve met people who feel familiar to me, and slowly come to understandings of their work and naturally, as the occasion arises, commission their services, subscribe in a financial sense, or form a long-lasting relationship to their work as something that I’d recommend, endorse or engage with.


lake mountain

Above: ‘Spring’ at Lake Mountain (still very icy and misty)

Above: A lake up the top of Mt Buffalo, Victoria

And so, this is what I hope to create here, with The Grazing Elk, as we venture further into the wilds of what we want to do, further along the deer-trail, following the scent of fresh herbs and berries to create more and more interesting, new work with people.

We currently find ourselves on a new trail, somewhere just past building a digital product and on the way to a fully fledged conversational brand building creation. When I say ‘brand building’, I’m trying to express the joy of really being able to get to know a person and their business; for them to experience the same too, and then to create strategies, visual design, and a wholehearted creation of digital and physical tools to help them do what it is they do best.

I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

x Lara



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