born-to-driveBorn to Drive is a small driving school in Brisbane. When Heike first asked me about a website, she wasn’t sure she needed one, but had been told she should have one. So she wanted something very simple, just a few pages, and particularly showing herself and her car.

She wanted students to be able to see the actual instructor and car, and make them feel comfortable calling her to have lessons with her.

Heike asked copywriter & editor Carody Culver to edit and write her page content, and hired a professional photographer for the two main shots of herself and her car. I then designed and created the website and inserted all the content.

About 6 months later, Heike called me saying she had increased her bandwidth (web hosting speed & space) twice, she was getting so many visitors to her site. She also said that another driving instructor had contacted her, saying their web designer found her website to be one of the best around, and that they’d copied elements of the design, particularly the honest, friendly feel of having the real instructor and car.

It was an amazing compliment, and Heike says she is thinking of extending the features in her website because of the success she has gained in such a short time so far.

Born to Drive’s website:

  • Significantly increased the number of people who knew about Born to Drive, and added more clients
  • Received compliments from customers and colleagues
  • Is able to be easily updated by Heike
  • Allows her to add exciting extra features (they’re still secret at the moment but in general, a site like this could add member areas, a store, a blog, question & answer sections and training materials, for example.)