Lift Coaching is a life, health and work coaching service. Kate Moore came to me asking for a logo and website – and we created all of the images and designs necessary for her to launch her business in 2013/14. It has been exciting working with Kate to achieve a consistent, uplifting feeling to her creations.

Lift Coaching LogoWe created a logo without, and then with, the tagline of ‘work, life, health’, and in several different formats. Shown here is the square version, but we also created inline versions for use on more horizontal purposes.

Kate’s website was based on a comfortable, sunny feeling – from the background pattern being reminiscent of a soft, chunky yellow knit sweater, to the dreamy quality of the images Kate uses in her blog posts.

We connected her website to social networks, added blog and newsletter subscriptions, and allowed her visitors to answer a quick health questionnaire to get an introductory free coaching session.

The creation of the website also allowed Kate to be able to receive and manage bookings through her site.

Lift About Me Illustrated Page

The other really fun and beautiful aspect of Lift Coaching’s website is the ‘about me’ page. We commissioned special illustrations to tell Kate’s story, and then I added text and arranged them within the website. Click here to view them full size.


The Grazing Elk helped Lift Coaching to:

  • Reach her audience in a friendly, caring way through the sunny personality of her website
  • Create an emotionally compelling and fun about page story with illustrations
  • Take and mange bookings for her consultations, through her website or facebook page
  • Grow her audience with blog posts and email newsletters