End of the Year Round-Up

End of the Year Round-Up

End of the Year Round-Up

Merry Christmas to all friends, family, collaborators, conspirators and clients of The Grazing Elk and the Social Good Outpost this year! We are ecstatic with the launch of the Social Good Outpost this year and its successes so far, and wanted to take the opportunity to wish you well, let you know about current openings, and fill you in on what we’ve been doing.

We’ve loved working with the most genuine, kind, socially-driven and wonderful people that our projects have led us to, and we are looking forward to meeting more in the coming year.

Hooray for all your successes, good luck for all the things you want to do from here, and yippee for celebrating all we’ve learned this year!

Call for New Projects

In January 2017, we will have a small number of openings for new projects. If you are looking to kick off your project or enterprise, need help with design or consultation for new rounds of grants/funding/pitching, or want to re-brand and re-design your look, website or marketing material, now’s the time to contact us so that you can hit the ground running in 2017.

Contact Elise or Lara and we’ll sit down with you over a drink (maybe a cup of chai, like one social enterprise we’re working with is making!) and we’ll plan where you’d like to go next.


What have we been working on?

Since launching the Social Good Outpost in June, we’ve had the pleasure of doing design and consultation for projects from the Philippines, Cambodia, and right across Australia. Some projects we’re currently working on include: design & consultation for a newly established non-profit providing support and resources for dealing with domestic violence in the workplace; design & consultation for a project educating medical and health spheres on gender and sexuality sensitivity; design & consultation for a new social enterprise in the social housing development sphere; and design & consultation for a new social enterprise in the mental health.

Lara has also been working with clients such as Bang & Olufsen and Emerald Group Investments, keeping us up with corporate and commercial trends in design.

We really love all of our clients and find it so genuinely enjoyable to work with them, and for causes which are truly ‘good’ for our communities. We can’t wait to share the design work on completion!

In other news we’ve also had much to celebrate with co-director Elise being awarded the United Nations Australia Association (QLD) Community Award this December 2016, a “prestigious award to individuals and groups as recognition for their community initiatives based on United Nations principles, reflecting peace, human rights, as well as social justice”. Her work has centred around national domestic violence prevention work, social enterprise, youth empowerment in Australia and overseas, and women’s empowerment over the last six years. Hear, hear to reflecting the ‘social good’ we aim to do!

Pass on the Christmas Cheer

We want to share the good news and the good cheer! Merry Christmas all and enjoy the new year to come!

Do you have a new project you’d like to kick off in 2017? Take advantage of our project openings in January and we’ll throw in a 10% new year bonus off new logo design. Chat with us now!

Case Studies: IMPACT Social Enterprise

Case Studies: IMPACT Social Enterprise

In 2013, one of our co-directors, Elise, attended the Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as a delegate alongside a few other students, some business leaders, and the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. The meeting of these students, combined with an interest in social enterprise – enterprise which aims to achieve some social good whilst still producing a profit – led to the idea of starting a youth conference exploring socially-responsible business.

impactHowever, before the team had anything other than an idea and a group of passionate students ready to start the new enterprise, IMPACT Social Enterprise had a simple logo (see image to the right), and a website consisting of a few pages.

These two things suddenly made the idea real – what started as just an idea suddenly turned into a professional, capable, credible, and established organisation. IMPACT *looked* like something, and the power of appearances is something we have come to never underestimate. IMPACT could then approach mentors and sponsors, get funding and venues, and make people believe and trust in the organisation.

A mere 9 months later, the team had done it – successfully run a conference which brought 120 of Brisbane’s best and brightest youth together to explore social enterprise, kick-start ideas, and network with some of the biggest names in social good. What started with an idea, was made real by design.

Since then, this pattern has been repeated many times, and really demonstrates where good design can truly make the social impact you aim to have. It goes a bit like this:

Idea > Design > Funding and Support > Launch.

Design for social good is the step that brings your idea to life, and enables others to see that too.

The timing of this post coincides with IMPACT’s third annual conference, which begins tonight (so check out their Facebook Page). We wish all the best to the participants and can’t wait to see what they produce!

External links: Impact National Conference