Our Services

Digital and Print - Websites, Social Media, Branding

Your online and offline presence. These are the places that support your organisation all the time, show who you are, and communicate with your customers.

This includes specialty (letterpress, foil, special papers and so on) and regular print for business cards and promotional materials.

Interactive Narratives

Digital Storytelling is used to connect with your audience in a new and unique way. Tell your message through cutting-edge, spectacular design that goes beyond a simple video, photo and static website. This might involve using interactive technologies including websites, games, and embodied (in-person) interaction…

Come to us with a dream, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life.

Free Guidance

As part of our own social enterprise makeup, we want to help those who would are ready to get started with their idea or project but have questions or don’t know how to make the first step, or would like to know how to get some of the initial work done themselves. We are offering free 30 minute consultations either in person or over Skype, where we listen to your ideas and questions and provide guidance and resources.

 The “We Exist” Package

New startups, new enterprises, a new direction? What you need is just enough to say to the world “we exist!” – to take your idea from a vision to something tangible. Having a website, a logo, and business cards, means that you can show funders, grant applications and potential customers your idea. It helps people to ‘see’ what you are doing, understand it, believe in it and support you. It is a perfect package for organisations and non-profits as well as for new enterprises, and is priced on a sliding scale to allow for flexibility in what you need.

This package includes a logo, website and business card design (with optional printed cards delivered to you!). You can download the full project guide with all inclusions to the right.

Lovely and easy to work with, which is not something you can say for everyone you work with outside your area of expertise.

Punita B

CEO, Women in Social Enterprise

I think I can confidently say we have all had a terrific experience with The Grazing Elk … and we also have made new Networks through your recommendations.

Kerriann D

Director, Queensland Working Women's Service Inc.

The Grazing Elk came on board to design the website for a recent start-up I worked on, and their work was key to our early success. Our web presence has been a driver of our success.

Lucille D

Co-founder, !mpact Youth Social Enterprise

Design Services

We can create a project plan tailored to your needs. Our services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design, with experience designing for specialty print such as letterpress, foil, UV gloss and other methods
  • Promotional Materials including: flyers, brochures, posters, stickers, banners, and other printed goods
  • Social Media Materials including: profile pictures, banners, posts, advertisements
  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance and Redesign

Some things you might want to do with your own website:

  • Start a membership site for courses, teaching or community
  • Present your resume/CV in an interactive way for employment or self-branding purposes
  • Create an art folio
  • Sell your work
  • Have a freelancer showcase for your work
  • Promote your business
  • Write a blog
  • Post or curate video content
  • Have an official hub from which to direct your followers to your other online presences

Free Guidance Sessions

For a 30 minute free chat with us about your new enterprise, fill in the contact form with a few details about the sort of help you’d like, so we can arrange the most useful resources for our talk with you. We will be in touch to arrange a time to talk.