Tale of Tales is one of my favourite game designers, and they have just released their new game!

 Now, anyone who knows me, knows how much I waffle on about “The Endless Forest”, an earlier game of Tale of Tales. It’s something I based quite a few university assignments on, and inspired my interactive assignments that you can view here –

1. The Path of Anigrides

2. Sublunaris

3. The Fathomless Forest

So, I bought Luxuria Superbia yesterday.

I was very excited, and downloaded it to my android phone – since it needs a touchscreen. I’d love to have it on a bigger screen but it’s beautiful anyway on this one.

It’s like swimming through the sky, or the forest, or the sea… the sound is lovely, and since the rainforest birds recently moved into my backyard fig tree, it goes really well with them too. It’s all about touching and tapping and stroking your screen… like a person… it’s really cheeky.

I think you should watch it’s video, download it, and play it. Talking wouldn’t really convey what it’s all about. Go check it out!