Kate of Lift Coaching commissioned a website for her life coaching business, as well as a free 7 day program. I designed her emails, PDFs and landing page for this program. I also designed her business card, which represents two facets of her coaching – business coaching and life coaching.

Features of these designs:

  • Responsive Design Website
  • Effective landing page design
  • Commissioned Illustration by Christina Perera
  • Business Card Design
  • Email newsletter/marketing program set up and design

More projects:

H & Associates

< Back to Portfolio H & Associates wanted a minimal, clean website for their architecture firm. As well as the website, I created a business card design for Hadrian. It features: Responsive Design Handy floating side menu Visit Website More projects: We want to bring...

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Executive Support Consultants

< Back to Portfolio I've worked with Andrew Moore since I started The Grazing Elk! We've always had a good time together and I've worked on websites and print/digital marketing and client material for Andrew as well. The Executive Support Consultants website has gone...

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Beautiful Concepts

< Back to Portfolio These are concepts from design stages of real clients. None of them went on to be the final design, but I still save these 'beautiful concepts' to be inspiration to me in the future, a roadmap of where I've come from, and reference for what I've...

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