Your own personal designer.

Someone who already knows you, your organisation and your needs.

Someone you can ask for work as you need it, ongoing.

That’s us, Social Good Outpost, here for you, now available on retainer.

What's a retainer, you ask?

All organisations, from startups to established business, rely on creating new messages to reach their customers, followers and beneficiaries. This happens week in week out: social media, newsletters, updates, stickers, flyers, business cards: the day to day minutiae of spreading the word, and presenting yourself well.

Working with a designer on a project basis, or quote by quote, for larger projects like your website make sense. There’s a definite goal and it’s a big project. But for these little ongoing communications, you want someone who understands the importance of consistency and professional communication, and can do it at short notice so you can keep working and receive it and send it out. This is where a retainer comes in handy.

A retainer is a monthly service where you ‘pre-book’ a certain amount of hours per month, which we hold for priority service for you, for when you want something created. You can let us know during that month what you need, and we create it.

To make it possible for amazing non-profits, cool social enterprises, or emerging startups to do the best work that they do, retainers can be the way to go. Retainers not only save you money on hiring a staff member, but you get the added bonus of a reduced hourly rate. Our regular rate is $90 per hour, whereas on a retainer agreement it drops down to $80 per hour. You can do even more social good with that!

Who is it best for?
  • You’ve launched with the essentials: logo, website – and now need to get the word out
  • You have a plan, you know your social impact goals, and want to keep increasing your impact and winning followers
  • You’re focused on your work, your organisation and your own job: and want help with specialty design tasks
  • You recognise the importance of consistent professional design in your communications: it keeps you recogniseable and credible as you reach more people.
  • You don’t need a designer on staff, just someone you can reach out to each week or month.
  • You need reliable designers you can call on when you need, who already understand you, your organisation, your needs and style.
What can we do for you?

Our retainer agreement allows us to do lots of your everyday tasks including digital, print, social media, edits to your website, and other smaller-scale tasks. We will still quote separately for larger projects such as a new website design or complete redesign or logo creation.

Here are some examples of things we can do for you:

  • Email newsletter design and monthly send-out (using your word content using our image creation and layout skills)
  • Images for your social media accounts for the month’s updates for you to post to social or us to queue for you
  • Flyers, postcards, posters, business cards and other handy handouts
  • Website changes and updates
  • Consultation and help with grants or funding applications
  • … and possibly more – if you have something you’d like to check if we do, just ask!
I've signed up - what's next?

Welcome! You now have access to your own personal designers! 

  • Whenever you need a hand with anything, just email us, or give us a call
  • We’ll give you an estimate of the hours it will take and when to expect it
  • Because you’re signed up to the retainer, you are given priority and we will start work on your request within 48 hours (on weekdays)
  • Then we send it to you, so that you can continue being famous and successful!

Design packages to choose from

We offer these initially on a 3-month contract. After then, we can see what is works best for you and tweak the package to suit, for ongoing work together. After that, we offer them on 6 and 12 month plans.

#1. The Small Boost

5 hours per month = $400

#2. The Helping Hand

10 hours per month = $800 

#3. The Designer on the Side

20 hours per month = $1,600 

#4. The Creative Partner

40 hours per month = $3,200

For all packages, any unused hours from the current month will be carried over into the next so you can use them in addition to the next month’s hours. After that, if they are not used in that second month they are no longer available.

If you need more hours’ work in one month than you have prepaid for, we will do the extra work at the discounted hourly rate that your retainer is on. The next month’s hours will not be affected, and will be the same amount as usual. We will let you know if it looks like your job will take more hours and you can choose how to organise it: right now with extra hours, or next month.

If you’re not sure how many hours you’ll need, you can start on a smaller package and know that extra hours will be billed at the discounted rate anyway, or have a chat with us first and we can advise what we think you might need at your particular stage of work.

You are free to cancel your retainer subscription anytime through your PayPal account, with 1 month’s notice.
Your retainer subscription will  be set up through PayPal, which is secure and will automatically process the monthly payments on a monthly basis from when you signed up. You will receive payment receipts as you go automatically. If you have a special requirement to pay via another method to PayPal please contact us and we can arrange for recurring invoices.
The fine details
  • Our rate for retainer clients only is $80/hr, compared with our one-off hourly rate of $90. This is an average of $50 per hour less than standard graphic design agencies who can charge $130+ per hour of work. This means you can do even more good with us!
  • Once purchased these retainers are non-refundable.
  • Retainer invoices are due at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle, additional hours to be charged at the end of billing cycle month.
  • Your retainer can include graphic design for print and online, and web design and updates
  • Your retainer does not cover printing, stock images or illustration costs

Ready to have your own personal designer?

If you’re ready to get started and have briefs raring to be designed, just sign up to one of these packages below. We’ll be personally in touch as soon as we receive your subscription confirmation. We’re looking forward to being your personal designer, on-call, when you need it! Time to make that social impact real!

Terms and conditions: please view and make sure you agree with the terms of the retainer agreement before proceeding.
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